• Unique set-up of its kind providing comprehensive and best psychiatric (mental health) and best deaddiction services under one roof.
  • Mahendru hospital is a leading psychiatric hospital in Uttar Pradesh, offering affordable hospitalization facility with options of private and general wards and outpatient psychiatry, psychotherapy, and de-addiction services. Our experiemced team of 3 M.D. psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurses have over 50+ years of experience.
  • The hospital has modern and spacious OPD with 3 full-time psychiatrists, 2 psychologists and qualified nurses available on a regular basis. This ensures availability of psychiatric treatment with minimal waiting period and increased choice of specialists to the patients. Our in-house pharmacy ensures easy access to prescribed medications.
  • Mahendru hospital is equipped with a 25 bedded inpatient unit with airconditioned private rooms and general wards which are spacious and comfortable.
    Located within one km distance from LLR hospital, & Regency hospital, and very close to the R.T.O. office kanpur.

Mahendru hospital is well equipped and commited to bring to kanpur the latest in the field of mental health care. Our facilities include:

  • Psychiatric consultaion
  • Deaddiction
  • Treatment for sexual disorders.
  • rTMS:  rTMS ( repetetive transcranial magnetic stimulation)–>>RTMS is a safe and non-invasive treatment technique used to treat various psychiatric and neurological disorders. It involves the stimulation of specific brain regions by the production of high and low-intensity magnetic fields which modulates the cortical excitability and helps treat many psychiatric and few neurological conditions.
  • Modern facilities for modified ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) which is carried out by a team of qualified psychiatrists and anesthetist in a specialized treatment room, equipped with the necessary equipment including the boyle’s apparatus And is carried out as per prescribed international standards.
  • Electroencephaography.
  • Biofeedback
  • Besides, specialized inpatient de addiction services. We have facilities for psycho diagnostics and psychotherapeutic services including cognitive behavior therapy, by our team of 3 qualified and experienced psychiatrists and 2 clinical psychologists.